d n logoD&N Development is a partnership between “D”aniel Brown and “N”ick Brown, who became a formal entity in May 2013 after the individual’s first successful development (Southside Plaza) concluded in December the previous year.

D&N Development is a father-son team based in Raleigh, NC with a huge strategic advantage.

Daniel Brown (father) has been in development since the late 1970’s, but took the next level in 1984 when he joined a company called Arvida and became a Preferred Developer of Publix and exclusively developed the City of Weston, FL. Daniel moved to North Carolina in 2003 and successfully completed 7 developments prior to D&N.

Nick Brown (son) started his career with Hunter & Associates a Raleigh-based retail leasing company in 2005 after graduating summa cum laude from the University of North Florida with a degree in Corporate Finance.

By the time of their partnership, Nick Brown was averaging about 1,000,000 square feet of retail leasing PER YEAR with almost 350 national retail customers. The decision to be a development company occurred after the first development when the strategic advantage of in-house leasing and an ability to get things done right in the field became very obvious.

D&N's mission is to stay small (2-3 developments per year) and do things the right way. They do that by aggressive pre-leasing and focusing 100% of energy on choosing real estate that will be the best real estate, not just today but forever and ever. Their focus on real estate instead of on any one particular “anchor Tenant” has given us the ability to take on complex re-zonings and entitlement processes and get the best real estate even when others have tried and failed.